"Muzicbility": A Practical Modification to the Design and Sounds of Mobiles

Invents introduces "Muzicbility" provides a perfect round of musical sounds for baby's entertainment.

​Music makes the world go round because it connects people. In this case music connects with an infant.  This new product has beautiful sounds and musical notes for a crib mobile and is specially designed as an integrated digital music player with a detachable speaker and remote control.  The detachable speaker allows for ease in moving to a stroller or even playpen.  The design intent is to provide parents of infant children with a practical modification to the design and sounds of mobiles, which then will enable them to increase the playtime of the mobile itself and to customize songs, lullabies and other tunes according to personal preferences.

Muzicbility looks similar to traditional mobiles but has many new features including a USB slot enabling a parent to download the kind of music they prefer for their infant’s ears. A parent can also download his or her own voice. The music notes move up and down on the extension arms as the mobile spins and matches the beat of the music being played.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Muzicbility.
The Patent Pending Muzicibility was invented by Denise Allen and Dennis Pitter, co-inventors, living in Brooklyn, NY who said, “Every parent wishes the best for their youngster and this is never more true than when first looking down at the life they have created. This is a charming mobile that is geared specifically to entertain the child both visually and audibly. The good part is that it travels easily when the parents and the baby are on the go.”

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