"My Car ID": Provides Accuracy When Ordering Automobile or Truck Parts

The ability to shop for car parts is not the simplest task in the world for most individuals. However here is a device to demystify ordering and purchasing the right items. My Car ID is a software application that can be downloaded onto any smartphone, tablet or computer with the software programmed to provide an accurate inventory of automobile parts specific to individual motor vehicles. The design intent is to provide consumers with a concise and accurate way in which to determine specific automotive parts and accessories needed for vehicle repairs and maintenance thus saving time and eliminating errors that can occur when ordering or purchasing these parts from an auto supply store.

This device has been designed to eliminate confusion and embarrassment at an auto supply store. It can be accessed via popular software application outlets and offered in traditional retail outlets to be uploaded onto the electronic device. A nominal fee is charged with the initial purchase of My Car ID and periodic updates are made available as they are developed. My Car ID is configured in a similar manner as traditional hierarchical application software with the application offering an interactive menu with which the user can identify and access the name and model number of all vehicle parts and accessories designed for their own automobile. This works by inputting the vehicle “VIN” number into the My Car ID with the program then automatically retrieving information germane to that model car or truck. The user can also input the make or model vehicle into the My Car ID or upload a photograph of the vehicle to the program, again, with the My Car ID searching its internal database and providing information pertaining specifically to that motor vehicle. A search prompt is included with which the user can enter the specific name of an auto part and the device is also programmed to recognize various parts and accessories needed for purchase by inputting a basic description of a vehicle malfunction. The exact part needed including the name and model number is prominently displayed allowing the user to purchase the exact item needed. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in My Car ID.
The My Car ID is Patent Pending and was invented by Macario Lopez of Pico Rivera, CA who said, “Owners can confidently order parts for their vehicle and be assured of obtaining precisely what is needed and saves returning a wrong part and reordering; all in all My Car ID saves time and money. My Car ID is also appreciated by the auto parts staff because it too, saves them time. It works.”

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