"My Own Tea Cup": Supplies Perfectly Blended Beverage in Portable Receptacle

Tea lovers will love this new container and it benefits others as well. My Own Tea Cup is a specially designed beverage receptacle with an incorporated, lidded tea bag infuser featuring mesh and a lid for the cup itself. The design intent is to provide consumers who enjoy this drink with a convenient, quick, no-mess means of creating the perfect cup of tea. The perforated infuser in My Own Tea Cup can also be used with instant coffee, fruits, to dissolve medications and more.

My Own Tea Cup is a specially designed, portable beverage cup with a built-in tea infuser. In this manner, My Own Tea Cup possesses a separate chamber for a tea bag that allows the bag too steep in a hands-free fashion. The cup is fabricated of a combination of durable, insulated plastic and metal materials with a handle on the side and a cap enclosure to facilitate portability. What sets this product apart from the standard travel mug is found in the infuser. A narrow channel, with its own lid closure, is built into the interior side of the cup.  Approximately halfway down, the chamber has a half wall of perforated mesh material allowing a tea bag to be tucked inside. The hot water poured into the cup can seep through the perforations to fully infuse the tea. Simply dropping a bag into the chamber, filling the cup with water and closing both the channel and the main area and one can enjoy a perfectly blended hot beverage in record time. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in My Own Tea Cup.
My Own Tea Cup is Patent Pending and was invented by Phara Jeanty of Saint Albans, NY who said, “My Own Tea Cup provides an efficient way to prepare a cup of tea and better yet, is portable and can be grabbed on the way out the door and while traveling.  It works equally well for instant coffee, hot cocoa or other infused beverages. There is no mess and it works perfectly.”

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