"My Teaching Pal": Teaches Life Lessons to Toddlers on or Away From the Potty

​Children are adaptable and receptive to learning almost from the time they are born. Some products and devices aid this process such as My Teaching Pal.  My Teaching Pal is a talking, potty training toilet configured in the form of a friendly doll. The design intent is to provide children with a training assistant for the bathroom which will teach valuable life lessons including lessons on hygiene, parent & child relationships, pride, morals, duties, schooling, and more. Parents may delete lessons or add their own. A soft detachable talking doll is included for teaching life lessons away from the potty.

My Teaching Pal is a unique potty training and teaching system for toddlers and children. It is configured in the form of a doll or buddy with a smiling face and rosy cheeks that encourage a small child to get comfy, play, listen and learn. It includes a removable talking soft-form doll with playful zippers and buttons adorning the front torso for curious toddlers learning to zip and snap. Speakers are featured on both the potty itself and the detachable soft doll. My Teaching Pal is a comfortable and comforting seat with arms bending at the elbows to form the armrests. The platform (where the child sits) holds a removable toilet receptacle. Many different character designs include the same lessons as featured in the My Teaching Pal. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in My Teaching Pal.
The Patent Pending My Teaching Pal was invented by Huey Hervey of Kansas City, KS who said, “Physical, mental and spiritual needs are vitally important and need to be taught to little ones in particular. My Teaching Pal helps instruct children and aids the parent or caregiver in providing proper care in potty training and many other key items of life.  It works and children will remember these teachings all the rest of their lives.”

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