"My Third Eye/My Third I (App)": Prevents a Person From Bumping Into Someone While Walking and Using a Phone

​Apps or applications for cell phones have become very popular and very useful in the last few years. The My Third Eye/My Third I (App) is one that is designed to detect the presence of other people and obstacles when the user is walking while using their phone. It is designed to provide a third eye that's always watching, and a means of preventing injuries and collisions with other people and objects when looking down at your phone. This is a small, compact sensor apparatus that will be plugged into your cell phone and will alert you if someone is near you. A length of coiled wire will extend from the plug, and culminate in the sensor. Upon detection of a presence near you, it would vibrate to provide a warning necessary to avoid stumbling over or into the sensed object or person. The My Third Eye/My Third I (App) will detect a radius of five to ten feet through vibration, and the user will have detection on both sides, for a radius of three feet. It can also be disabled when in a congested area.

The My Third Eye/My Third I (App) can sense obstacles such as poles, curbs and garbage cans and other pedestrians thus providing an instant warning alert to the user before they are involved in a collision. This would help avoid embarrassment and possibly serious injury. The vibrating element will be particularly useful for individuals who may suffer from visual or hearing impairment by offering ample notification of a presence they may not see or hear.
The Patent Pending My Third Eye/My Third I (App) was invented by Eric Jones of Perth Amboy, NJ who said, “The idea for this app was developed one day when I was walking and playing a game on my cell phone, and accidently bumped into someone who was also walking and using their cell phone. It works!”

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