"NDFL National Dice Football League": A New, Fun and Challenging Board Game

The "NDFL National Dice Football League" is a specially designed board game based on the sport of football.

​Games people play are varied and depend upon the like and dislikes of the players. But, anyone who loves football will benefit from the NDFL National Dice Football League board game. It provides consumers with a new, fun and challenging game with which to celebrate their favorite sport, as well as enjoy good-natured competition with friends and family. This product is perfect for sports enthusiasts, particularly those who love football. Players will enjoy the thrill of playing the NDFL National Dice Football League’s realistic carpeted football field, rolling the die to see if they will earn yards or suffer a devastating sack that will set them back in their play.

This game celebrates the American sport of football, yet in a new and novel manner. It is a unique game that will appeal to any football enthusiast as well as those who simply enjoy spirited competition afforded by board games.  It is durable and easy to assemble and provides hours of fun with family or friends. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the NDFL National Dice Football League.
The Patent Pending NDFL National Dice Football League was invented by Anthony Cox of Walnut, CA who said, “After scoring a touchdown, a player can attempt a field goal by rolling the die and avoiding rolling a one on either dice. Field goals can be attempted from with a 40 yard range of one’s opponent with special rules included for scoring a game-winning field goal play. The magic number is 14.”

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