"New Cart Rentals": Rent a Cart to Use Anywhere One is Needed

​New Cart Rentals will offer both a product and a service. The product is a versatile, lightweight, but heavy duty personal shopping and utility cart, and the service is a network of cart stations or depots where these carts can be rented and returned. They will offer consumers the ultimate in convenience by providing all the benefits associated with a personal shopping and utility cart. The fee to rent will be nominal and without thehassles of ownership and storage.

The New Cart Rentals cart will be similar in design and construction to the personal shopping and utility carts now on the market, but will feature a more robust construction for repeated use. The great advantage to the New Cart Rentals for consumers is clearly the fact that they will be able to use a cart almost anywhere they need one, without the added expense of buying one, and without the hassle of having to store one and transport it. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the New Cart Rentals.
The Patent Pending New Cart Rentals was invented by Amit Schilgi of Los Angeles, CA  who said, “The New Cart Rental storage rack will be electronically locking so that once a cart has been returned and the rental transaction complete, it is simply rolled into the rack, and locked securely in place.”

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Source: Invents Company


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