"No Hands Baby Lap Seat": A Wearable Support Brace for Use in Safely Holding an Infant Child

The "No Hands Baby Lap Seat" leaves hands free for variety of tasks while keeping infant secure on the lap.

​The duties of a parent or caregiver never end until the baby is much older. The duties might change but the responsibility is still present. The No Hands Baby Lap Seat is a wearable support brace for use in safely holding an infant child in hands free manner on one’s lap. The intent of this product is to offer parents and caregivers a secure means of safely and comfortably holding a child on their lap while allowing them to keep their hands free to play with the child or performs tasks such as brushing the child’s hair, feeding him or her, or even reading the child a story.

This device is manufactured of a durable yet lightweight plastic, elastic, metal, and fabric material components. It is fully adjustable to accommodate infants and caregivers of various sizes and statures.  The harness is double stitched and reinforced; it features wide shoulder straps that are infused with a stretchy elastic for a comfortable and customized fit for both Baby and parent or other caregiver. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the No Hands Baby Lap Seat.
The Patent Pending No Hands Baby Lap Seat was invented by Rosalee and Wayne Brackett of Rialto, CA who said, “This is such a handy article to have if one has a baby.  It allows the user to have his or her hands free for variety of other tasks and yet at the same time safely and comfortably hold the baby on their lap. It works perfectly.”

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