"No More Strain": Holds Various Electronic Items Hands-Free

​Users of handheld electronic devices will benefit from this new device as will those with limited physical mobility and/or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. No More Strain is an adjustable, wearable support and accessory storage system for suspending electronic media, particularly tablet computers, e-readers, and smartphones, in a hands-free manner outward from the body from virtually any position. The design intent is to provide a versatile accessory that optimizes hands-free usage of these electronic devices in a strain and pain free manner, especially the neck and back.  

No More Strain is a harness-like device worn around the torso of the user. The harness portion of the system is a combination of belts and straps designed to fit over the shoulders, down the back, chest/stomach area, and around the waist. The belts are adjustable for a customized fit. The front section of the harness is augmented with a secure, pouch-like component able to suspend the tablet outward from a titanium holding rod, close to eye level or wherever positioned. It is telescopic and pivot mounted allowing it to extend and retract moving from side to side, up, and down permitting easy access to the screen from virtually any angle. It is available in all sizes. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in No More Strain.
The Patent Pending No More Strain was invented by Emanuela Iannotta of Paterson, NJ who said, “No More Strain allows for easy multi-tasking by holding a tablet (or other handheld devices) handsfree and saves user from hand cramps or a stiff neck. A pouch holds the tablet when not in use and there are other pockets to hold electronic accessories. It works perfectly.”

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