"No Tik": See and Be Seen Means No Parking Violation Plus Many Other Benefits

​Visibility is vitally important. Keeping track of small pieces of paper such as receipts, parking stubs and the like are very important to a driver. Keeping an address at hand can help one reach the desired location without having to stop and request help. Help is available in many ways with this product. No Tik is a magnetized, flexible plastic holder designed to adhere to the dashboard of a motor vehicle and to secure and display such paper items as parking receipts, visitor passes, shopping lists, etcetera. Durable and easily affordable, No Tik offers consumers a simple way to keep, hold-in-place, and display their receipts and passes; as well as a variety of other items one may want within easy view and access. No Tik can also be used for advertising purposes.

No Tik is a sturdy plastic holder measuring 3”H by 5”L and ¼ “ thick with a narrow lip or retaining band running lengthwise along the top. The flexible No Tik is UV-resistant and impervious to hot or cold temperatures. The back side of the unit includes a thin, rectangular, magnetic panel and the back is equipped with a peel-and-stick adhesive backing that provides a secure grip on the dashboard surface yet be easily removable and repositionable. It holds parking receipts and similar paper articles in place under the magnetic lip or retaining band that runs along the top of No Tik allowing the user to lodge the receipt between the magnets without the need to manually open and close the magnetic holders. No Tik can also use a small series of rollers along the upper lip so the ticket or paper can be easily inserted and held in place without the need to manually open and close the holder. The paper or ticket can be removed by simply lifting and pulling the ticket away. No Tik may be left in place indefinitely or removed between uses and stowed in the glove compartment. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in No Tik.
The Patent Pending No Tik was invented by Anna Richter of Brooklyn, NY who said, “This was initially designed for use with New York City’s Muni-Meter parking system but it is great for many other uses as well. No Tik is invaluable to a motorist because it is highly visible and can be reached with ease. Papers stay in place and do not get blown away when the windows are open. The variety of uses for No Tik are virtually limitless.”

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