"No Waste Soap Gloves": No Need to Waste Those Small Soap Pieces

​The No Waste Soap Gloves are a pair of terry cloth pocketed wash gloves with the pockets filled with pieces of leftover bar soap. One simply rubs the hands together and the No Waste Soap Gloves form a lather. They are designed to eliminate the waste of thin, broken shards of bar soap. This will help make use of the entire bar of soap. The No Waste Soap Gloves will have an open fingertip design with the exception of the index finger which will be covered. They will have a sewn in pocket on the inside of each palm that is equipped with a Velcro® closure. The palm pockets will be the area that holds the small pieces of leftover soap. You will simply put all your leftover shards of soap into the pocket, wet the gloves and lather them up. The covered index finger will be used for cleaning inside the ears.

The No Waste Soap Gloves is something every household needs if you use bar soap. It would also be a great give away idea for bar soap companies, who could include a set of gloves with their soap. It will enable consumers to use all of the bar of soap, with no leftover pieces anymore. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the No Waste Soap Gloves.
The Patent Pending No Waste Soap Gloves was invented by Cheryl Shingles of East Orange, NJ who said, “It is frustrating when your bar soap gets small and hard to hold, it doesn't have to just go to waste. The No Waste Soap Gloves will hold all those little pieces so you can use all of your leftover soap. The No Waste Soap Gloves are perfect for men, women and children.”

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