"O-Mouse, I-Mouse": Style, Space and Portability for All Users

​Computers and the use of the mouse is so common today because computer users enjoy the accessibility a mouse provides even if using a laptop. The new O-Mouse, I-Mouse is a line of low-profile computer mice, wired or wireless, uniquely equipped with a slot- or sleeve-like “window” for insertion and display of personal photo or graphic logos including team logos, company emblems or motivational mottoes. There are several shapes, designs and colors. Each mouse has its own particular benefit but style, design and usefulness were all part of the design of O-Mouse, I-Mouse.

Each compact mouse has a more flattened profile than other traditional mice thus making it easier to pack and transport. Both the O-Mouse and the I-Mouse feature a front-centered track-wheel or slide-sensor for easy scrolling and Left-Click/ Right-Click buttons on either side. Page Forward or Page Back buttons are situated on the left side for right- handed users and on the right side for left-handed users. The wireless versions are battery powered and equipped with optical USB plugs for use with laptops and tablets. The O-Mouse is a continuous, one-piece unit while the I-Mouse is a bit different in shape (similar to an “I”) and is produced in a touch screen version which functions like a regular mouse and a tablet. It features Bluetooth® technology and is compatible with any Bluetooth equipped device. It can connect to WIFI to download various apps. Icons can be programmed and customized including music videos. The O-Mouse, I-Mouse is available in various colors and shapes.   Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the O-Mouse, I-Mouse.
The Patent Pending O-Mouse, I-Mouse was invented by Grisha Lachinian of Murrieta, CA   who said, “All computer users will love this new stylish mouse, particularly those who find it easier to pack and transport than the typical bulky device. These are ergonomically designed with a slim profile — and they are much more comfortable for long term use. They work beautifully.”

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