"On-Line Golf Training Club ®": A Line of Specially Configured Grips, Clubs and More, Serve as a Training System for the Player

Invents unveils "On-line Golf Training Club ®" see, hear and feel are the three key words that make this system work for the player.

​Doing one’s best is a vital character trait. However, sometimes individuals need to be instructed or trained in a manner that aids that trait, such as when it comes to sports like golf. Training is important and the new On-line Golf Training Club®, a line of specially configured grips, clubs and more, serve as a training system for the player. This system assists the golfer in correctly positioning the hands, thus teaching the correct timing for the golf swing.  The design intent is to provide both novice and seasoned golfers with a simple and effective means to improve the accuracy of their golfing techniques by keeping the swing on the correct path.
Along with the instructional DVDs, there are several products in the On-Line Golf Training Club® line. Baseball is also covered in this line with the Outaheredude Baseball Training Bat® kit which includes the Bat, Cap and instructional DVD. “See it, feel it, hear it”—are lessons built into the products. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the On-line Golf Training Club®
The Patent Pending On-line Golf Training Club® was invented by Will Sands, a golf training professional, of Mundelein, IL who said “I have a prototype which works exceptionally well. The On-line Golf Training Club® gives the user the ability to see, hear and feel the correct timing of the modern day swing. Timing is the key to success and the Outaheredude Baseball Training Bat® gives the perfect timing to hit a home run.”

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