"Opti-Shovel Folding Car Shovel": An Emergency, Do-It-Yourself System for Freeing a Car That Has Lost Traction in Snow, Ice, or Mud

"Opti-Shovel Folding Car Shovel": a new must-have tool for winter motorists comes to the rescue!

​The Opti-Shovel Folding Car Shovel is an emergency, do-it-yourself system for freeing a car that has lost traction in snow, ice, or mud. This handy tool is a tough and durable folding shovel, yet the stand-out innovation is the shaft of the Opti-Shovel, which serves a dual role as both a handle and a storage reservoir for either sand or kitty litter, that may be paced beneath the wheels of the vehicle when necessary to regain traction. The Opti-Shovel will have a tool-grade steel hose and blade and be sold with a shaft pre-filled with the material of choice, making it immediately ready for use.

Winter may be on the way but when any driver is traveling with the Opti-Shovel Folding Car Shovel it can be conquered. The dual role of this unique shovel means fewer “stuck” times and more time in the comfort of a home or one's work environment. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Opti-Shovel Folding Car Shovel.

The Patent Pending Opti-Shovel Folding Car Shovel was invented by Grace Dunkley-Davis, a registered nurse living in Rosedale, NY, who said, “The Opti-Shovel is easy to store, carry, deploy and use. I hope by introducing this product that I give winter motorists a reliable and economical means to quickly free their vehicles when stuck.”

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