"Orthopedic Hand Linear and Rotation": a Pair of Therapeutic Devices

The "Orthopedic Hand Linear And Rotation" are two vital devices to aid recovery during therapy for hand injuries or following surgery.

The Orthopedic Hand Linear and Rotation is a pair of therapeutic devices intended for use by persons in rehab, physical and/or occupational therapy following hand and wrist surgeries or injuries. Both of these devices can be customized to fit the needs of the recovering individual and both provide superior control, monitoring and more feedback than is available with other conventional therapy exercises.

These devices are perfect for anyone who has suffered a fracture or hand injury as well as individuals who have limited mobility, strength and dexterity in the hands. Physical Therapists will quickly see the patient benefits when using these therapeutic devices. They will be particularly helpful to factory workers, construction personnel, mechanics, technicians, athletes, veterans and numerous others. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Orthopedic Hand Linear and Rotation.

The Patent Pending Orthopedic Hand Linear and Rotation was invented by Robert Henschel, a retired multiple degreed, Licensed Professional Engineer, member of a corporate patent review board, Author,  Lecturer  and recipient of a European Quality Award, living in  Chicago, IL who said “From personal experience I strongly believe these devices offer improved treatments to patients who have suffered a wide variety of hand injuries. After suffering a bone fracture in my right hand and having the cast removed, I went for Physical Therapy where I found the equipment was of limited benefit. Both the Hand Linear and Rotation Device are superior to the equipment now in use by both physical and occupational therapists. These are engineered to provide variable, progressive resistance and provide precise measured feedback. I have prototypes which surpass expectations. I also found them to be highly beneficial when I was recovering from a recent wrist injury.”

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