"'Paws On' Pad": Makes Life Better for Both Dog and Dog-Owner When Traveling

​Attention dog owners! If your dog loves to go for a nose-in-the-wind ride but scratches the paint this new pad prevents marring the finish and it also gives the canine passenger a firmer grip.  The “Paws On” Pad is a non-slip, magnetic pad designed to protect a motor-vehicle's door from the paws and claws of canine passengers. Protecting the door's paint and finish while providing the pet a safer, superior grip, the “Paws On” Pad presents a winning combination for both the vehicle and the pet. Designs and featured text may vary and include a pet's name, a fun logo, or a promotional advertisement.

The rectangular “Paws On” Pad comes in a variety of sizes appropriate to the door measurements of cars, vans, SUVs, and pickups. The base layer of the pad is a flexible magnetic strip or backing and the upper, thicker layer is a non-slip, corrugated pad made of a dense, durable foam rubber tough enough to withstand repeated pawing. The “Paws On” Pad is washable and easy to install or remove. When the pad is in place with the window down, it presents a resilient, padded gripping surface for the animal's paws, helping the pet to maintain his or her position and preventing their paws from sliding and scratching the vehicle's paint. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in “Paws On” Pad.
The Patent Pending “Paws On” Pad was invented by Jordan Leigh Harper of Cypress, CA who said, “Car or truck paint finishes are protected from claw marks and scratches when “Paws On” Pad is in use. Better yet, it aids canine passengers with a safer and better platform during the ride by helping paws stay firmly in place. It can be used for both front and rear doors in the event more than one pet is in the vehicle.”

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