"Pee-Fense": Prevents a Child From Inadvertently Urinating on Themselves or the Caregiver

Invents unveils "Pee-Fense For Males Only" which protects the diaper changer and little guy from male baby liquid energy.

​Defending one's self when changing the diaper of a little guy can be difficult. This is not the case when using the Pee-Fense. The Pee-Fense is a contoured fabric shield comprised of super absorbent cotton material which is adhered to a semi-circular tension rod. The design intent is to place the Pee-Fense over the lower torso of a baby during routine diaper changes, thus preventing the child from inadvertently urinating on themselves or the caregiver.

Pee-Fense is a protective shield to be placed over the child's genitalia during routine diaper changes as it will serve to contain liquid in the event the baby urinates while not covered. It gently secures the unit and is lightweight and yet super-absorbent. It is machine washable and can be used over and over again. It comes in neutral hues as well as a range of patterns and printed designs. It can even be embroidered with humorous slogans, cartoon images or other whimsical patterns, perhaps more for the enjoyment of the diaper changer than for the child. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Pee-Fense.

The Patent Pending Pee-Fense was invented by Christ DiVito and Jace Sayler of Huntley, IL who said, “This works. Parents and caregivers will see the benefit immediately upon first use. I saw the need for a Pee-Fense watching my daughter and son-in-law change my grandchild. It saves diapers as well as the clothing of the changer. It also negates the need to clean the changing table, surrounding walls and cabinets when Baby's bladder decides it is time to go.”

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