"Pet Taxi and Pet Limousine": A Specially Designed Wheeled Pet Carrier

The "Pet Taxi And Pet Limousine" which provides the ultimate in pet comfort and luxury.

​Comfort and convenience is not always considered when discussing one’s pets. However, this new product was designed for that precise reason.  The Pet Taxi and Pet Limousine is a specially designed wheeled pet carrier providing the ultimate in comfort and luxury for both the pet and its handler. The interior is designed with replaceable cushiony foam padding while the exterior is configured to resemble a Taxi cab (1 seater) or a Limousine (a 2 seater with a divider).  The Limo features a floor to ceiling divider to accommodate up to two pets and both units has a storage drawer for pet toys, medications, food and more. The design intent is to provide a sturdy and easy-to-transport stylish alternative to the traditional pet carriers.

Both versions are comprised primarily of a shatterproof plastic material. The Pet Taxi will be offered in two sizes to accommodate medium to large dog breeds, the exterior of which resembles a typical taxi cab with the standard checkerboard design boldly emblazoned on the bright yellow exterior surface. The checkerboard discretely includes ventilation openings all the way around the unit allowing fresh air to freely circulate around the animal. Tinted windows mimic those of a taxi or limo.  The interior walls are softly padded and serve as protection in the event of an accident and prevent the pet from being harmed should the carrier be jostled about during use. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Pet Taxi and Pet Limousine.
The Patent Pending Pet Taxi and Pet Limousine was invented by Maya Itzel Moctezuma of Houston, TX who said, “This product can be either pulled or carried. The wheels swivel a full 360º and have brakes to aid stopping if or when required. It is comfortable for the owner and works perfectly for those wanting to give their beloved pet a lift. It is far more fashionable, stylish and comfortable for the pet than the hard sided carriers currently in the marketplace.”

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