"Plai Boy Shoes": A Line of Casual Shoes Offered in Myriad Colors, Patterns and Designs

The "Plai Boy Shoes", whether it is play or plai, both words equal fashionable male footwear.

​Styles and fashion change from season to season and year to year. However, some footwear stays in style and that is true of footwear for men, in this case, styles from the 1970’s.  Plai Boy Shoes is a line of casual shoes offered in myriad colors, patterns and designs.  The design intent is to provide consumers with a stylish and dapper accessory item that would hearken back to the striking “Playboy” shoes popular in the 1970’s, yet would have a modern and timeless appeal to wearers and spectators.

The Plai Boy Shoes line features the familiar “chukka boot” style with a hard rubber sole and heel supporting material that extends upwards of approximately one inch above the ankle. A suede material was common to the original Playboy-type shoe or in sleek leather. The Plai Boy Shoes line is produced in myriad attractive colors, patterns and designs complementing virtually any ensemble. Although this line will definitely attract males, it is anticipated that females, too, will see the design and wear possibilities. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Plai Boy Shoes.

The Patent Pending Plai Boy Shoes were invented by Peter Gomez of Carteret, NJ who said, “Adding flash and flair to an ordinary wardrobe is sometimes as simple as the right footwear. The Plai Boy Shoes are vintage inspired with a retro look that is truly timeless. These shoes can turn an ordinary ensemble into a showpiece. The line will appeal to style conscious consumers of either gender.”

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