"Plastic Bags for the Microwave": A Line of Environmentally Friendly, Melt-Proof Plastic Bags

​Heated food preparation is a necessary component of fixing one’s breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner.  Since caveman days and perhaps beyond, meats and other foods needed to be heated to be safe to eat. The Plastic Bags For the Microwave is a line of environmentally friendly, perforated (on one side), melt-proof plastic bags designed for use in the microwave oven for heating, steaming and cooking. The design intent is to provide an easy-to-handle, mess-free mean of steaming vegetables or warming other foods in a bag that will not melt—without the need of a plate, bowl or another dish. These bags are not only handy for all consumers to easily retrieve from the microwave, but also work perfectly for those with limited use of their hands or suffer from being physically challenged.

The Plastic Bag For The Microwave line is fabricated of a durable plastic see-through material (polyethylene terephthalate) or also known as PET, a thermoplastic polymer resin known for its high heat resistance and easy recycling ability. The top of each bag contains a “zipper” mechanism to facilitate the opening and sealing. This line consists of a size range from small to medium for use in cooking side dishes or single serving meals and up to large and extra-large bags for use in heating entire entrees and similar fare. One side of the bag features a series of holes to allow pressure and steam to escape while in use and the perforated side needs to be face-up when microwaved.   Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Plastic Bags For the Microwave.
The Patent Pending Plastic Bags For the Microwave were invented by Connie Sullivan of Emerson, NJ who said, “This is a handy product that optimizes the convenience of quick-cooking appliances. High-heat resistant receptacles eliminate the hassle of having to use numerous dishes, bowls, pots and pans simply to quickly heat or cook foods. The Plastic Bags For the Microwave work perfectly.”

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