"Play and Spray": H2O Lets Kids Learn New Motor Skills While Having Refreshing Fun

Wet and wacky is a fun and enjoyable term because youngsters love playing with a “stream” of water. The Play and Spray is a specially designed outdoor activity toy that incorporates streaming jets of refreshing water into a fun and active platform which offers specially designed insert tools to control the flow of water by the playing child. The design intent is to provide kids with a new and exciting way in which to enjoy themselves while fine tuning learning, problem solving, and motor skills in a fun and refreshing way during the humid, sticky, heat of summer days.

Fashioned from a durable combination of plastic/PVC and rubber materials, the Play and Spray is made of a flat base flanked at each corner by a multifunctional, upright pillar unit. The base can be either square or circular; the pillars are cylindrical or rectangular. The base measures approximately six by eight square feet and the pillars range from three to four feet in height. A series of multiple sized spout openings are peppered along the base allowing water to spray in an upward fashion. Positioned on the assembly is a threaded ingress point designed to accommodate a garden hose. This point opens into a “tunnel” configuration that culminates in the base spout openings as well as a series of evenly spaced apart egress points, positioned on each of the four pillars. These egress points serve to provide a continuous cascade of water along the board’s surface while in use. The upright pillars are augmented with a collection of valves allowing children to control the direction of the water as it is distributed by closing the various valves using the specially designed tools. The special tools are offered in a group of eye-catching fun forms including numbers and letters and whimsical shapes. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Play and Spray. 
The Play and Spray is Patent Pending and was invented by Reginald Gardner of Vallejo, CA who said, “This provides a new water-based fun activity on a hot summer day. The numerous shapes help kids improve cognitive and motor skills as they make the decision to open certain valves to obtain desired shapes. They all will have water based fun because Play and Spray works.”

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