"Pocket Patch": Change Jeans With the Change of a Pocket

​Imagine being able to change the look of your jeans by just removing the pockets on them. This is what the Pocket Patch will allow you to do. A stylish line of blue jeans for females that will feature decorative, removable, and interchangeable back pockets. Now there will be no need to spend countless dollars on many pairs of expensive jeans. There will be so many pocket style options that you can create a complete wardrobe with just one pair of Pocket Patch jeans.

The jeans will be made from a stretch denim material and will be offered in a wide variety of sizes to fit anyone from young girls to women. There will be many different styles offered also, such as boot cut and flare legs to reflect today's fashion. The colors offered will be endless, not just the typical denim color, there can be white, black, silver/gold just to name a few.  The back pocket area will have an outline of Velcro® strips attached, and the pocket designs will have a strip attached to them also, so all you need to do is pick your pocket and match them up on the jeans. The variety of Pocket Patches will be endless also, stitched with designs, such as hearts, musical notes, and jewels for a few ideas. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Pocket Patch.
The Patent Pending Pocket Patch was invented by Juan Carlos Molina of Indio, CA who said, “You simply attach a set of Pocket Patches to the back of the jeans using the Velcro® strip. Then if you choose to have another design the next day, simply apply a new set of Pocket Patches. You can add shimmer or pizazz also if you are going out at night.”

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Source: Invents Company


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