"Police Camera Gun": Equips Police With a Built-in Automatic Digital Still and Video Camera

The "Police Camera Gun" will protect and defend all users without harmful end results.

​This product is designed to aid law enforcement. The Police Camera Gun equips police with a built-in automatic digital still and video camera that begins to record events from the gun’s point-of-view whenever the safety is released.  The intent of this design is to record and retain evidence in cases where a law-enforcement officer has un-holstered his or her gun, or shot someone in the course of duty.  If produced in “home defense” weapons, this product will also record and retain evidence should a civilian shoot an attacker or intruder.

The Police Camera Gun resembles other police issue semi-automatic pistol but incorporates a battery-operated USB-compatible digital (both still and video) camera and audio recorder. This additional benefit does not deter the user from having a top-notch side-arm. A computer memory-drive control module is incorporated into the chassis of the gun and is tamper-proof.  It records frame-by-frame images and all voice recordings. The contents are accessible via uploading to a laptop or desktop computer via a concealed, retractable USB plus that is concealed within the grips of the pistol.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Police Camera Gun.
The Patent Pending Police Camera Gun was invented by Clavel Hunter, Sr., an engineer of Bowie, MD who said “Documentation is irrefutable when the Police Camera Gun is in use. In today’s world this is a vital component for police observation and protection and is just as useful for the homeowner. Overall it protects the public from abuse of power and force by the police, while also protecting the police when doing their job.”

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