"Portion Separator Bag": All-in-One Disposable Containers Keep Contents From Mixing Together

​The Portion Separator Bag is the answer to providing storage in an individual manner in those handy and familiar zip-sealing food-storage bags by dividing it into multiple individual sealing compartments. The Portion Separator Bag is the perfect device for separating and apportioning foods for storage or travels. They also are useful for separating a wide variety of things commonly needed together from beauty products to crafting and office supplies.
The Portion Separator Bag is a zip-sealing, plastic storage bag similar to those products such as Ziploc®and other traditional plastic storage bags. It is subdivided into multiple and independent sealing compartments and produced in quart, half-gallon and gallon sizes. The Portion Separator Bags are sold in multi-unit packages. Each of the sizes feature at least three compartments that occupy the entire width of the bag and oriented in a vertical series.  In larger sizes, it features larger compartments and sometimes more than the standard three.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Portion Separator Bag.
The Patent Pending Portion Separator Bag was invented by Bandele Ajayi of Somerville, NJ who said, “When one is faced with storage needs of delicious food that must not be wasted, the Portion Separator Bag is the solution. Initially I designed it for bacon, but quickly realized the benefits for other food items; and, it will work equally well for numerous other items that belong together while being stored.  It works perfectly.”

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