" Pot Holder": Specially Designed Device That Secures Pots and Pans to a Burner During the Cooking Process

Invents introduces the "Pot Holder" which is used for safe and easy cooking in any kitchen on any type stove.

​There is no slippery slope when cooking and using this new product called the Pot Holder.  It is a heat resistant framework specially designed to secure pots and pans to a burner during the cooking process. The design intent is to provide a simple and effective safety device to keep children, as well as adults, from, incurring serious burns or injury due to pots and pans slipping from the stovetop and scalding or burning an individual, whether an adult or a child.
The Pot Holder comes in both square and circular shapes to accommodate burner configurations of both electric and gas stoves. Each Pot Holder is made of a heat-resistant metal material and the center section of the unit is open to fit unobtrusively over the burner itself. There are legs on each corner that serve to secure the cookware within the Pot Holder so that any pot placed on the product is steadfastly anchored onto the burner.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Pot Holder.
The Patent Pending Pot Holder was invented by Girard Leon of New York, NY who said, “This works just as easily in professional kitchens as it does in the home kitchen.  It provides a convenient barrier that instantly renders cookware immovable from the burner.  It does not impede food preparation and is a safety feature that should be on every stovetop. It works.”

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