"Power Pike Pole": Fights Fatigue While Fighting a Raging Fire

​Demolition is a word normally associated with construction and home renovations but it is often necessary for firefighters to accomplish demolition as well. This can be done efficiently with the new Power Pike Pole. This tool is a specially augmented pike pole enhanced with an attached slide hammer apparatus to create a forceful penetration tool for demolishing walls and ceilings. The design intent is to provide firefighters, as well as construction workers, with an anti-fatigue, safer, and more effective tool when demolition of drywall, plasterboard and other similar materials is required for work or for rescue.

The Power Pike Pole is similar in appearance to a common pike pole featuring various dimensions and fabricated of a highly durable steel or aluminum material. The distal end of the Power Pike Pole features the familiar double-hook with its vertical point and curved side extension. The proximal end of the unit offers a handle sheathed in a tempered steel collar. The incorporation of the slide hammer sets the Power Pike Pole apart from the standard unit and is placed just above the handle for optimal access and operation. The cast steel slide hammer consists of a long metal shaft with an attachment point at one end and a heavy weight that slides along the shaft with a stop for the weight to impact on the end opposite the attachment point. With the slide hammer incorporated into the Power Pike Pole the tool can transmit a significant impact force to an object creating a powerful push-and-pull effect. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Power Pike Pole.
The Patent Pending Power Pike Pole was invented by Michael St. John of Mt. Vernon, NY who said, “I am a firefighter and I know this will revolutionize fire-fighting endeavors everywhere. It will be much more effective in breaching hard building materials during an emergency and will reduce stress and keep the user’s hands, arms and shoulders free of injury. It is a quick acting tool and enables users to avoid fatigue common to us all battling a raging fire. It works in my industry but also will work in the construction industry.”

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