"Power Plugger": Provides a Simpler, Ready-Made Solution to a Flat Tire

The "Power Plugger" benefits garage, mechanic and automobile owner.

​Saving time and labor equals profit and profit is important to every business. This new product is a labor saver for the mechanic but also gives the automobile owner the peace of mind that the tire is fixed and safe to be on the road. The Power Plugger is a specially designed tire plug device that works in conjunction with a powered air chisel. The intent of this design is to provide a simpler, ready-made solution to a flat tire that eliminates the need for manual plugging. The ease of use of the Power Plugger is such that it offers instant and a fully secure plug of the tire every time it is utilized and effectively embeds the plug. The damage is easily and completely repaired.
The Power Plugger is designed to be attached to an air chisel, a pneumatic tool hand tool that utilizes air power. Once the adapter is placed onto the air chisel and the end is positioned at the puncture point of the tire, the tool would then be employed to air hammer the plug into the hole. In seconds, the plug is deeply embedded, and the Power Plugger can simply be pulled free.  A side benefit of using the Power Plugger is its ability to clean out the hole and remove any residual damage the puncture may have caused.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Power Plugger.
The Patent Pending Power Plugger was invented by Rosario Rizzo of Garfield, NJ who said, “I am a mechanic and I know what works and my prototype works perfectly.  It offers an instant and fully secure way to plug a tire puncture. Drivers will be back on the road in no time flat. Motorists will consider repeat business when finding a garage that is reasonable and quick. According to the Internet there are more than 253 million vehicles on the road in the United States today so the Power Plugger has a sizeable market.”

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