"Pro Soundz": A New and Novel Head-Phone for Users of These Devices

Head-phone users enjoy new and unusual devices and if one is an aficionado of these products, then this new line is the answer. Pro Soundz is a product line of headphones specially designed not only to play music, but to display it in the form of rings of lights which express and respond to the beat and the musical instruments in the recorded music. Novel and entertaining and sure to catch the eyes and ears, the Pro Soundz headphones have a strong and wide appeal especially among younger, headphone-dependent consumers.

This is a premium set of over-the-head headphones offering audio quality of premium headphones from such makers as Beats, Skullcandy, and Sennheiser – but equipped with a singular, distinctive feature in which the music being played over the phones synchronizes with a ring or set of lights on the outside casing and headset of the phones expressing the music's beat and instrumentation on the outside in colored, rhythmical lights. Pro Soundz strongest appeal may be in the 12-to-30-year-old age group but will also appeal to headphone users of all ages. This unique product combines premium audio quality, comfort and novelty into one highly appealing package and is the “next new thing” in headphone design and performance. Pro Soundz also has a distinctive design and futuristic appearance with a sci-fi look and an array of flashing lights. Pro Soundz is produced in both wired and wireless Bluetooth® versions and in a broad variety of eye-catching colors. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Pro Soundz.
The Pro Soundz is Patent Pending and was invented by Ray Thomas of Queens Village, NY who said, “This enhances existing headphones. The lights blink as the music is playing to all different instruments in each song that is being played. Pro Soundz will catch the eye of every spectator and kids from the age of 12 to 25 will appreciate these new features. It works perfectly.”

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