"Prongstruction": Develops Fine Motor Skills While Building With Modeling Compound

​Prongstruction is a set of variously sized pronged bases to be used as the foundation for building and creating with play dough and modeling clay, and items like it. It is designed to create a basis for children and adults to enhance their fine motor skills using manipulatives that will aid in the formation of modeling structures. Prongstruction will enable consumers to create elaborate structures without them falling apart and at the same time provide therapeutic benefits for the elderly, those with special needs, and arthritis sufferers.

Prongstruction is composed of an injection molded hydro plastic, and will have varying pieces to be used in the building process. The prongs on the pieces are slender, pointed but not sharp, or projecting parts that will allow the user to easily attach the dough or clay to them. This way you can create durable structures that assist in play by helping to connect pieces and make them more sturdy while constructing. This way once the person has created their structure, the prong underlying foundation will not be visible to the user, but will provide a stable foundation. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Prongstruction.
The Patent Pending Prongstruction was invented by Kamalini and Susan Deonath of Queens, NY who said, “Squeezing play dough and modeling clay can help strengthen the small muscles of your hands. There are many disorders that affect these muscles and the Prongstruction play set offers therapy through play, making the enhancement of these skills an enjoyable process.”

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