Provide Positive Reinforcement As Well As Entertainment With "The Musical Timer Training Potty"

The Musical Timer Training Potty aids in the transition from diapers to potty with audible rewards.

Teaching a toddler to use the potty is or can be a long and distressing duty for the parent and/or caregiver but, it can be even longer and more distressing for the youngster. That distress can be changed to a pleasant and enjoyable situation when using the Musical Timer Training Potty. Musical notes and rewards indicate the results of “using” the potty chair. It provides positive reinforcement as well as entertainment and encourages the child in the proper use of the potty.

The Musical Timer Training Potty is similar in design to the standard potty seat and the electronic components are safely housed in the rear of the chair. The hinged tray table can be used to hold books or other entertaining items. It is configured expressly to occupy and entertain the youngster and also prevent the child from getting up until after he or she has finished going potty. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating exceptional consumer interest in the Musical Timer Training Potty.

ThePatent Pending Musical Timer Training Potty was invented by Chauncia Tottenham of Webster, TX, who said, “One of the most difficult jobs of being a parent when a child is under the age of 3 is potty training and consistency is one big help. When using the Musical Timer Training Potty the child will be consistent by him/herself because it is a fun place to be while taking care of physical needs. It is an easy way to encourage a child to stay seated too.”

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