"Puddles": A Line of Small to Large Disposable Diapers

Invents introduces "Puddles" diapers and skull caps now become fun wear for newborns and infants.

​Entertainment comes in many forms and Puddles is another form that deals with little children from newborn to the time when they are potty trained and no longer need diapers. Puddles is a line of small to large disposable diapers, the surfaces of which are imprinted with various celebratory sentiments, decorative images and holiday themes, as well as sports logos and other charming insignia. Puddles provides parents and caregivers a novel alternative to ordinary diapers and one which calls attention to a child’s birth and other events and themes in a fun and unique manner. The line has been expanded to include apparel items including skull caps, onesies, socks and other accessory items. It also could include wear for adults in nursing homes and similar care facilities.

This unusual item for children brings smiles to the faces of parents, grandparents and caregivers. Puddles is an efficient way to celebrate a child’s birthday or special day and bring attention to the youngster. All parents and caregivers know that a daily laugh makes the day grow brighter. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Puddles.
The Patent Pending Puddles was invented by Annette Harris and her son, Sergio Harris, of Sauk Village, IL who said, “We originally considered the focus would be infant and newborn skull caps and birthday sayings as an efficient way to celebrate a birthday without spending huge sums of money; however as time went on in our development and design we saw Puddles as a great way to bring attention to a special child. Puddles is a charming way to celebrate the special date of a youngster as well as that of the parents.”

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