"Quick Reference": A Handy Means of Picking Up a Book Exactly Where One Left Off

Invents unveils "Quick Reference" allowing avid readers to benefit from this book-mark for ease in continued reading.

Finally there is a multifaceted bookmark that not only designates the last page read, but also features a sliding arrow, which when positioned in place by the reader, points directly to the paragraph or line where the user stopped. The design intent of the Quick Reference is to provide a handy means of picking up a book exactly where one left off without having to reread several paragraphs in order to locate that spot. The movable arrow slides up and down to mark the exact area that was last read and makes continued reading a snap.

Quick Reference features a distinct, rectangular dog bone shape and is offered in paper, plastic or metal. It follows the same form and function of a traditional book mark but has unique additions. The marker is double-sided with the top of one side marked Left Page and the opposite side stating Right Page will be upside down. Invert backside stating Right Page to top of page to note the page. Those two additions along with a sliding band of the same material flatly encircles the directional arrow pointing in the direction of the page where one stopped reading. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Quick Reference.

The Patent Pending Quick Reference was invented by Joseph Martinez of Los Angeles, CA who said, “Everyone who loves to read will appreciate and benefit from the Quick Reference. Avid readers will all benefit and will never want to be without one, two, three or more from then on. It works and it works perfectly.”

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