"Rain Blocker": Protect Mechanical Controls on a Car Door From the Rain

​A weather resistant guard that will protect the window and door controls from exposure to rain, snow and other elements is something everyone needs. If consumers have ever pulled up to a drive through window in the rain, they know that everything gets wet on your door. The Rain Blocker is a specially designed, protective sheath that can be easily yet securely applied over the operational controls in the door panel. Damage to this sensitive equipment will lead to costly repairs. It will generally be rectangular shaped, and configured to fit a wide range of automobiles and trucks. The Rain Blocker will run the perimeter of the control panel, creating a border around the window's operational switches. The unit can be adhered in place, and removed when needed without leaving any residue. The surface of the framework will be covered in a layer of Velcro®, and would keep it firmly in place. The top of the covering will be made of a lightweight, waterproof material that enables the user to operate the vehicle window controls without removing the cover.

The Rain Blocker is an easy to apply, weather resistant shield that covers the entire control panel on your car or truck door, and will effectively prevent rain, snow, and even a spilled beverage from compromising the electrical components on your door panel. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Rain Blocker.
The Patent Pending Rain Blocker was invented by Nathan Littlepage of Houston, TX who said, “With this device, you don't ever have to worry about your sensitive door panel buttons getting damaged from rain or other weather.”

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