"Rear View Enhancement System": A Safe and More Effective Mirror for Commercial Vehicles

The "Rear View Enhancement System" enhances visual ability on commercial vehicles increasing safe driving.

​As a general observation, mirrors increase visual acuity for everyone and particularly for those driving vehicles. The Rear View Enhancement System is a mirror system specifically designed for commercial vehicles that captures air when the vehicle is in forward motion and ducts it over the face of the mirror to blow away and clear any water droplets or other precipitation.  The design intent is to create a safe and more effective mirror add-on design which automatically creates a clear mirrored view while the vehicle is in motion during inclement weather such as rain, mist and fog.

The Rear View Enhancement System can be used on several different systems. It works for owners and operators of commercial vehicles such as school buses, buses in charter bus lines, municipalities and their vehicles, towing companies and more. The material is formed in a shape similar to an inverted “U” and constructed to fit onto the Rosco®M150G mirror with 4 self-tapping screws. Alternately sized units to fit various mirror models are also produced.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Rear View Enhancement System.
The Patent Pending Rear View Enhancement System was invented by who said, “Anyone who has driven, during bad weather the Rear View Enhancement System will appreciate and benefit from this product. It provides greater safety for drivers of commercial passenger coaches, school buses, tractors and municipal passenger buses. It allows the user to have a clear view through their side mirrors at all times. I am a school bus driver. My prototype works perfectly.”

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