"Reddy Beddy": Comfortable Bedding for a Quiet Uneventful Sleep

We all spend almost a third of our life in bed. Some spend more and some spend less but whatever the amount of time, it is vital that comfort and warmth surround us during that period. If one utilizes the Reddy Beddy that comfort is assured. The Reddy Beddy is a line of stylish and comfortable fitted sheets with built in pillows and an integrally attached bedspread/comforter. Featuring zippers for ease of access, and reversible materials, the design intent is to facilitate the process of making one’s bed, as well as provide a practical means of preventing bed sheets, blankets, and pillow from becoming untucked and falling off the bed during the night.

Available in traditional mattress sizes, the Reddy Beddy sheets contain a ring of stretchable elastic or Spandex around the perimeter to fit properly. No matter what the material, each Reddy Beddy combination contains a zipper assembly along the outer sides of the bedding, as well as a zipper down the center between the top sheet and the comforter material, one which allows the side to be rolled down, and one below to allow for slack and an adjustable, and looser fit. The zippers down the middle are hidden below pleated material. As such, one need only fit the sheet to the mattress and smooth out the comforter across the top of the bed. Unzipping the material, the user would slip between the two covers with the comforter enveloping the user in warmth and the fitted sheet remaining firmly in place. The Reddy Beddy features built in pillows and the pillows stay put through the night as well. Attractive as well as functional, all options in the Reddy Beddy are produced in a wide variety of colors and styles to appeal to individual tastes, or to match the decor of any bedroom. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Reddy Beddy  
Reddy Beddy is Patent Pending and was invented by Vincent Romez of Philadelphia, PA who said, “Today, most everyone is concerned with optimal convenience. Reddy Beddy offers the ultimate experience for all users and it simplifies the making of one’s bed while keeping the bedding and pillows in place throughout the night. It keeps the user snug during the night and eliminates any hassle associated with making the bed daily.  It works perfectly.”

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