"Rip-Da-Grips Cap Opener": Hand Tool Specially Designed for Removing the Plastic Gripper Rings

Invents introduces "Rip-Da-Grips Cap Opener" which helps users get a grip on the cap of cans or bottles they need to open without a hassle.

​Rip-Da-Grips Cap Opener may sound like it is an odd name for a product but anyone who suffers from arthritis and other limited mobility problems including hand ailments will laugh at the name and grab at this unique device. The Rip-Da-Grips Cap Opener is an elongated assistive hand tool specially designed for removing the plastic gripper rings found on so many capped containers. The design intent is to provide users with a device that effortlessly “rips” away the protective gripper ring so that the cap can be more easily removed helping consumers to access these containers in an easy and pain-free manner.
This is an assistive tool that will work for all users, and has multiple uses. It will help open caps or plastic caps that are hard to open. It has a sharp knife-like edge that will be used to slice across metal or plastic grips horizontally attached to metal or plastic caps such as found on soda bottles, and a flat tip bottom can be used as a battery remover. It will be used to pry out hard-to-remove batteries installed in any device. This unusual tool is about six inches long and the handle is made of a durable plastic or wood material. The handle can contain a logo for companies as promotional items wishing to attract buyers, and it is ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use. An alternate name for this device would be “Get-A-Grip”.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Rip-Da-Grips Cap Opener.
The Patent Pending Rip-Da-Grips Cap Opener was invented by Eileen Q. Stocking, a landscape architect of Geneva, IL who said, “It is entirely possible, and anticipated, that users other than those suggested will quickly recognize the benefits of this new type can and bottle opener. The hook is hooked to the ring and the user only need to pull back to detach the ring by ripping apart all the little grips. It works perfectly, consumers world-wide and of all types will no longer need to struggle and hurt their palms while opening a cap sealed with grippers,”

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