"Rock My Baby": Provides the Perfect Saddle to Gently Rock Child to Sleep

Every new mother recognizes the benefit of gentle movement satisfying Baby’s needs. This new product, Rock My Baby, is an automated, padded and comfortable surface featuring interchangeable saddles and strap covers configured for rocking an infant to sleep much like a parent might do by placing a pillow across the feet to gently rock the baby. Featuring safety legs which protect baby from rocking too far these legs also collapse for easy storage. The design intent is to increase comfort for both the baby and the caregiver while gently rocking baby to sleep.

The device in a concave shape measures 30”L x 20”W and 6”D.  The top is the saddle with a soft fabric over a cushion and has a durable plastic mold for the base. Positioned at each end of the base is an oval shaped support dowel to facilitate rocking capabilities. Safety stopping legs are featured on the base to ensure it will not rock too far from side to side. These safety legs are collapsible for easy storage. The rocking ability is enhanced with a battery-operated drive motor to provide side to side motion. Centrally positioned on the base is a hinged mechanism that allows the unit to be compactly folded between uses. Rock My Baby comes in a multitude of colors and designs and with one or two removable saddle and strap covers. Additional covers, in a variety of colors and designs, are available separately. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Rock My Baby. 
Rock My Baby is Patent Pending and was invented by Julyet Berlen of Beverly Hills, CA who said, “This product helps a child to fall asleep faster and is totally natural. Baby sleeps and Mom gets rest too and it is hands-free at that.  Rock My Baby works perfectly.”

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Source: Invents Company


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