"SADD": A Coffee Lover With a Whimsical Approach to Advertising Starbucks®

​Brand names are everywhere today. And, customer loyalty to a particular company or brand is a vital component for a company to develop and continue to grow when enjoying a loyal customer base.  SADD is a logo to be displayed on shirts, mugs, decals, and other merchandise that reflects the struck-through message, “Starbucks Against Dunkin Driving” or, “Starbucks Against Dunkin Drivers” (as depicted). The design intent is to provides fans of Starbucks coffee with a funny and an eye-catching way to show their loyalty to the brand.

The simple word SADD is a playful jab at Starbuck’s chief rival, Dunkin Donuts. “SADD allows aficionados to proudly display which coffee has their hearts. Displayed in a wide variety of customized colors, SADD and its accompanying struck-through words are artistically positioned in a vertical column with the SADD letters highlighted or bordered to ensure they stand out. SADD, when on tee shirts [provides stylish clothing for wearers to display their caffeinated unity with those around them. When printed on decals, bumper stickers, key chains and coffee mugs this clever creation is an eye-catching conversation starter.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in SADD.
The Patent Pending SADD was invented by Mark Ratkovich of Alsip, IL who said, “People from all walks of life enjoy their coffee and when using SADD, an appealing symbol representing their favorite coffee chain, they are displaying their favorites. SADD is a creative and artistically crafted logo for numerous pieces of merchandise and best of all, it works.”

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