"Safe Life Lock": A Simplified Locking System

The "Safe Life Lock" will lock and unlock a door without a key by simply pulling up or pushing down!

​Locks are fine but when a key is missing the lock becomes a problem. That will not be the case when utilizing the Safe Life Lock. The Safe Life Lock is a simplified locking system intended for use on interior doors and designed to make locking and unlocking such a door without a key a quick and easy matter. While the Safe Life Lock would appeal to a broad spectrum of consumer households, it has been conceived as a specific aid for the elderly, the disabled and the infirm, who have difficulty with conventional keyed lock or locking knob configurations. As such, although intended primarily for use with interior doors, the system can also be employed in assisted-living centers, nursing homes, and other secured, multi-unit facilities where housing and health-care are provided and where emergency entry may be necessary.
The Safe Life Lock is a slim flat metal box with holes at the corners to permit screw-fastening to the inner surface of an interior door. The box consists of a separate bottom and a form-fitting top, within which is housed the locking mechanism of the device. The locking mechanism consists of flat slotted blades, male and female, that are mounted on two posts within the base of the box. The blades are designed so that when the control knob is pulled up or pushed down, the locking blade is extended and retracted or unlocked. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Safe Life Lock.
The Patent Pending Safe Life Lock was invented by Benito Vigorito of Brooklyn, NY who said, “The Safe Life Lock is simple to install and operate and requires very little physical strength or dexterity. Simply pull up on the control knob to lock and pull down on the knob to unlock. If an individual becomes disoriented or incapacitated, such as when in the bathroom and unable to negotiate the door, a simple shake of the door from the other side serves to disengage the Safe Life Lock and unlocks the door. It is also perfect for families with young children. It should be in every house. I have a prototype that works perfectly.”

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