"Safety Lights": Allows Visibility of Users in Darkened Environments Providing Safe Transport

​Nighttime does not always mean sleep. Many individuals are active well into late night hour even though it is dark. The darkness has no bearing if the Safety Lights are in use. The Safety Lights provide consumers with a simple, effective and affordable means of making themselves more visible at night by providing the on-the-go, interchangeable lighting in removable, battery-powered Velcro® fastened LED strips. The LED lights are designed to mount temporarily or permanently to most anything a consumer wears and more. One’s imagination is all that limits the use of Safety Lights.

The Safety Lights could also be called the Universal Safety Lights in reference to their wide range of use. They are an array or strip of battery-powered LED lights, and each array or strip is equipped with a separate baking material similar to Velcro® that serves as an anchor for the strip on a variety of articles. It is backed with a peel-and-stick adhesive for a temporary attachment or with a permanent bond for a jacket, book-bag or other items. Safety Lights work well when attached to belts, headbands, armbands, bracelets, shirts, pants, hats, helmets, life vests, wheelchairs, strollers, bicycles, scooters and more. The Led lights are produced in many eye catching colors and has an On/Off switch along with a small battery. A Safety Lights controller could also be offered with select strips and this would allow the consumer to use as a set of turn signals as well.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Safety Lights.
The Patent Pending Safety Lights were invented by Nelson Rodriquez of Van Nuys, CA who said, “Safety Lights ensure one is prominently visible at night and could save lives. I designed them to fasten quickly, easily and securely. They are affordable and effective as well as easy-to-use. They work.”

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