"Safety Readers": Protective Safety Glasses and Reading Glasses in One!

Invents introduces "Safety Readers" which provide safe vision in warehouses, factories and wherever safety glasses are required.

​Safety and good vision are important to every individual. However, using safety glasses can negate the ability to wear reading glasses. That is no longer a problem when using the Safety Readers. They combine two formerly separate necessities — protective safety glasses and reading glasses — into a single and exceptionally useful product. Safety Readers are ideal for a broad range of consumers who require both eyesight correction and eye protection. The Safety Readers provide both requirements, in a single, comfortably worn pair of safety glasses.
Safety Readers have the magnifying lenses of reading glasses along with the eye-protection of safety glasses and are produced in several designs from a full-coverage, air-vented ‘safety goggle’ design that covers the entire eye regions fastened with a strap. The glasses can be either hard molded plastic or a clear transparent and flexible vinyl. Either design features shatterproof polycarbonate lenses and are offered with tinted lenses such as amber, brown, gray and transitional and indoor/outdoor styles. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in. the Safety Readers.
The Patent Pending Safety Readers were invented by Leon A. Nawrocki of Des Plaines, IL who said, “My supervisor told me I had to wear safety glasses all the time. When he saw me without them on because I was using my reading glasses he told me I could NOT do that.  Safety Readers provides the needed vision and safety. They work and follows the safety regulations of the company at the same time. They improve productivity and reduce the possibility of damaged goods from going out to the public.”

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