"Safety Wrap": An Efficient Heating Source Enhancer to Maintain a Consistent Temperature Under Chafing Pans

hopping for products in a kitchen accessory, restaurant, or houseware shop will be a real pleasure when shoppers see the new  Safety Wrap.  The Safety Wrap is a heat and flame resistant protective assembly that is designed to surround the heating sternos used by caterers, outdoor chefs and used during indoor and outdoor family events to keep food items heated.   The design intent is to provide a more efficient means of maintaining sternos thus increasing their safety and aesthetic appeal while also serving as a wind blocker while used indoors and out.  

Safety Wrap consists of two layers, rectangular in shape that wraps the framework of a chafing dish enclosed with a zipper on the back panel.  An outer decorative layer can accommodate any color scheme for any event.  An inner layer is lined with a flame resistant material which encloses the chafing dish leaving a slotted area for its handles.  Flexible metal air vents are on each side which allows the air to flow through the Safety Wrap and allows the user to store efficiently. Unique to Safety Wrap; finger mitts will be housed in their own pocket.  Finger mitts protect the user from burns as they replace sternos and/or pans.  
The Patent Pending Safety Wrap was invented by Kristi Shane of Califon, NJ who said, Safety Wrap is one way to use sternos to keep foods warm and ready to eat without blowing out in the wind.  It is vitally important when used at outdoor catering events or even at family events.  Breezy weather is not a problem keeping hot food hot when served on a patio, deck or a park because the four wall shield prevents gusts from extinguishing the sternos and keeps the flames contained within the unit while also reducing the fire risk. It works!”

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