Save Time And Expense With "The Critter Guard"!

"The Critter Guard" is a line of vinyl-coated, wire-mesh "cages" designed to protect prized flower bulbs from pesky "critters"!

Gardeners, are moles, voles, chipmunks, gophers and other “critters” destroying the bulbs of prized flowers? The Critter Guard prevents these animals from getting to bulbs, saving one the time and expense of replanting. The Critter Guard is a line of vinyl-coated, wire-mesh “cages” intended to protect flower bulbs (as well as the soil and fertilizer in which the bulbs are planted) from digging and burrowing pests. The “cages” are easy to use and offered in a variety of sizes. Also, with the Critter Guard, one can pre-plant bulbs indoors, prior to putting them in the ground. There is no need for chemicals or traps when using the Critter Guard. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating an exceptional consumer interest in the Critter Guard.

The Patent Pending Critter Guard was invented by Eugene Idelson of Philadelphia, PA, who said, “The Critter Guard has been designed to provide bulbs with long-term, year-after-year, in-ground garden protection, without restricting plant growth in any way. The “cages” are in several sizes. The smallest is a five-inch cube, accommodating a single bulb. A medium version, 12 inches in length, 5 inches in height and width, accommodates two to three bulbs in a row. The largest Critter Guard, a 10 inch wide, 10 inch in length, and 5 inches in height accommodates five bulbs.”

Idelson added, “The sides and bottom of each Critter Guard cage are fabricated in 19-gauge, 1/2-inch, vinyl-coated steel wire mesh. Each Guard has a swing-down, pivoting top or lid fabricated in 19-gauge, 1-inch vinyl-coated mesh. This lid is equipped with wire-ring rear hinges and a 1/2-inch overlapping lip on front and sides that slips over the top of the cage's sides, and may – if desired – be further secured with a winding of wire. The small Critter Guard has two wire-ring hinges and the two larger models have three. The interior of each Critter Guard is lined with a “bio-liner”, a biodegradable liner of Kraft paper. Because the Critter Guard's wire-mesh construction is coated and sealed in vinyl, the Guard cage should last indefinitely.”

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