"Seat Lift": A Convenient and More Sanitary Tool for Use in Lifting and Lowering a Toilet Seat

Invents introduces the "Seat Lift", where pink and blue solve the gender problem when using the toilet.

​The one room everyone in the world needs to use at least once, often twice a day and many time more often than once or twice is the bathroom.  In every bathroom there is at least a water closet or what is more commonly known as a toilet. The new Seat Lift is a specially designed set of color coded handle mechanisms that are easily attached by adhesive to the bottom rim of any existing toilet seat or lid. The design intent is to provide consumers with a convenient and more sanitary tool for use in lifting and lowering a toilet seat (blue for male use) and a toilet lid (pink for female use), without making direct contact with either the lid or the seat bottom.

The Seat Lift is not unusual except that it works perfectly and is an accessory that is easy to install and easily replaceable whenever necessary. It is manufactured of a durable, yet lightweight, Plexiglas material and is offered in both a pink and blue hue. It provides consumers with a simple and cleaver means of lifting and lowering the toilet seat without ever having to touch the actual toilet seat or lid. It is a hygienic alternative to lifting a toilet seat by hand and protects the user from coming into direct contact with the germs and bacteria often found on the underside (and the top) of the toilet seat and lid. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Seat Lift.
The Patent Pending Seat Lift was invented by Patrick Thompson of Lake Tahoe, NV who said, “The Seat Lift keeps one’s fingers away from contaminated services. Regardless of gender no one wants to touch a toilet seat by hand. This is a sanitary tool that protects the user from coming into contact with the ‘nasty’ stuff often found on a toilet seat—whether in the home, at the office or in a public restroom. It works.”

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