"Secure Safe Goggles-SSG": Provides Vision and Safety All in One Unit

The ability to use safety glasses that provide vision correction all in one single unit is of huge benefit to the wearer.  The Secure Safe Goggles-SSG combines two formerly separate necessities – protective safety glasses and reading glasses or bifocals – into a single, exceptionally useful product. Ideal for a broad range of consumers and workers requiring eyesight correction and eye protection, the Secure Safe Goggles-SSG provides both in a single, comfortably worn pair of goggle-style, full-coverage safety glasses.

The Secure Safe Goggles-SSG feature slightly larger lenses than swim-goggles and are set in a molded, form-fitting eyepiece bordered with cushioning polymeric foam for a firm yet comfortable fit. The SSGs are equipped with an adjustable, around-the-head band or strap. The eyepiece holding the lenses is fabricated in a partially flexible vinyl in clear and transparent or colored and opaque. The molded eyepiece is fabricated with hermetically sealed, permanently mounted, shatterproof polycarbonate lenses. The temple of the glasses (and the eyepieces) will come in a variety of seven different fluorescent colors: green, pink, orange, burgundy, yellow, transparent, and purple. The front outer corner of one of the lenses has the SSG logo embedded in gold color. The Secure Safe Goggles-SSG are offered with clear lenses as well as tinted lenses such as amber, brown, gray, and transitional or indoor/outdoor. These polycarbonate lenses feature a semicircular lower half with magnifying strengths of Light, Medium, and Strong. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Secure Safe Goggles-SSG.
The Patent Pending was invented by Alfredo Sanchez, a registered dental assistant living in Perris, CA who said, “By using the SSG wearers need not put down one pair to turn to the other pair.  They are comfortable and stay in place while protecting the user. They are pertinent for construction employees, medical and dental professionals, recreational users and more. They simply fit the needs of the wearer.”

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