"See Me": A Safe New Line of Clothing

Invents introduces a clothing line called "See Me": the 1st step to safety!

Color me safe could be the title of this new line of clothing. See Me is a distinct clothing line designed for wear by heavy construction and other construction personnel working outdoors as well as other types of outdoor workers, joggers, bicyclists, and the like. See Me combines two fluorescent colors (neon orange and neon green) most often seen alone on safety gear and clothing. The See Me clothing line improves the wearer's visibility and thus his or her safety.

See Me was designed for the specific purpose of visually highlighting individuals involved in outdoor recreational activities as well as including those working in construction such as on road crews, law enforcement and military staff, etc., particularly during nighttime or in darkened environments. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the See Me (The 1st Step To Safety Is To See Me)
The Patent Pending See Me (The 1st Step To Safety Is To See Me) was invented by Randolph L. Seiler of Wyalusing, PA who said, “Dark clothing worn outdoors in poor lighting can equal danger and possible deadly injuries. Individuals wearing See Me's reflective colors and designs stand out from others and is truly the first step to safety. Activities can be accomplished with peace of mind when wearing See Me, whether one is cycling, jogging or working.”

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