"SharemE": Meet People Who Live or Work Close

​SharemE is a type of social networking app designed to help individuals connect with others who are located within 100 feet of them. It is designed to provide those who are interested in forming new friendships or relationships with a technologically advanced means of meeting other people with the same relationship goals as them. It will help break the ice with those who are maybe too shy to introduce themselves. SharemE will be made available as a digital download in the app store for their compatible phone or tablet. One would then create a profile, and maybe link it to their Facebook, Instagram, or other social networking account. Once installed, they will create their own personal profile, which will be available for public view. By enabling their device location services for the SharemE app, they would be able to view the profiles of other SharemE users within 100 feet of them.

SharemE will provide a new approach to interpersonal communication and offer consumers an easy means of getting to know one another. The app will be a great icebreaker for those simply wanting to make new friends, as well as those searching for a meaningful relationship. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Sharem.

The Patent Pending SharemE was invented by Carlos Tamay of Elmhurst, NY who said, “Now with SharemE you can eliminate the embarrassing situation of approaching someone new who might be already involved in a relationship or who simply isn't interested.”

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