"Shark Stop": A Shark-Repelling Bracelet/band Worn on a Swimmer's Wrist or Ankle

Invents introduces the "Shark Stop" which is a special bracelet repels underwater predators with electrical signal.

​Attention saltwater enthusiasts! Swimming, surfing, scuba diving and more can be enjoyed more safely when wearing this unusual bracelet.  Shark Stop is a shark-repelling bracelet/band worn on a swimmer’s wrist or ankle which emits an electrical signal underwater that will repel sharks. The design intent is to provide swimmers, surfers, divers, and others who enjoy salt-water recreation, an effective, attractive, and easily worn means of protecting themselves from shark attack It is manufactured in a durable waterproof thermoplastic polymer and is lightweight and flexible.  It is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and includes a combination wall-outlet and USB cable charging unit.

The Shark Stop features a shark-fin emblem on the top center and comes in a variety of bright colors.    It creates an electrical field emanating outward from the bracelet.  Predatory sharks can detect prey by means of a gel-filled electrical sensors in their snout’s and research has shown that these sensors can be made to spasm uncomfortably when the shark is subjected to an electrical field. The temporary discomfort deters sharks from the immediate vicinity of the saltwater enthusiast. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Shark Stop.
The Patent Pending Shark Stop was invented by Juan Masias of Encino, CA who said, “When anyone in the saltwater wears the Shark Stop there is both peace of mind and protection. This device is a really special bracelet or anklet and is the perfect accessory for the millions of ocean-loving consumers.”

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