"Short Stop Mitt": A Special Baseball Mitt Designed for the Short Stop Position

The "Short Stop Mitt" aids short stop player's ability to catch and hold hot ground balls.

​Speed in the game of baseball is vitally important and has impact on each player. In the case of the short stop position speed requires alertness and a good mitt.  The Short Stop Mitt is a special baseball mitt designed for the short stop position. It is designed for optimal control of hot ground balls which can come at speeds of up to 90 miles per hour.  The way the Short Stop Mitt is designed is to provide features such as a padded circular indentation in the palm area of the glove for better ball catching control as well as a padded web area between the thumb and index finger. The Short Stop Mitt is specifically tailored to improve one of the most crucial aspects of the game—the short stop’s ability to catch ground balls.

The Short Stop Mitt is like other mitts used in baseball games and can be made from either natural leather or higher-performance synthetic materials. The fingers of the mitt are flattened oblongs which extend up together, each stitched to the next. The palm area is hollowed out in a padded circular indentation allowing for a comfortable receiving of the baseball and better control when catching balls thrown at high speeds.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Short Stop Mitt 
The Patent Pending Short Stop Mittwas invented by Ronnie L. Sims of Bronx, NY who said, “This newly and specially designed mitt gives short stops a chance to come into their own by offering better control when catching balls. The “V” in the mitt provides the added bonus of both catching and re-throwing and allows the user to intercept low-flying balls and re-direct them to the appropriate infield location. It will benefit both amateur and professional ballplayers.”

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