"Shower Power Scrubber": Cleans the Bathtub and Shower With Ease

​Everyone knows that the most backbreaking, hardest job in your bathroom is scrubbing your bathtub and shower. Here is a product that will make this job easier. The Shower Power Scrubber is a battery powered, waterproof, handheld device for automatically scrubbing and steam cleaning a basin, tub or shower. Equipped with a pivot mounted rotary scrubbing head to provide effective, scratch free, effortless cleaning, the Shower Power Scrubber will offer consumers a more efficient and effective way in which to clean sink, shower and bathing facilities. The scrubber will have an ON/OFF switch for power, and an ON/OFF switch for the steam cleaner. A red/green battery life indicator light will also be featured.

The Shower Power Scrubber will be powered by long life, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and include a battery charger. It will be waterproof with a molded plastic casing and a contoured, ergonomically styled pistol grip handle finished in easy grip rubber, and a trigger mechanism with which to activate the rotary scrubbing head. The handle will be 6-7” long and the rotary scrubbing head will feature an outer layer of nylon bristles, and a core of loofah scrubbing material. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Shower Power Scrubber.
The Patent Pending Shower Power Scrubber was invented by Michael and Denise Garrett of Chino, CA who said, “The Shower Power Scrubber is gentle and effective, and cleans tubs and showers as well as sink basins without marring or scratching them.”

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